Portrait & Portfolio Photography

LEOPART Photography Studio in Moscow (English speaking photographers and staff) offers portraits and portfolios photo shooting on location with mobile studio using professional photographic lighting equipment and in photography studio.

We can organize picture printing in best Moscow labs and assembling photo albums and photo books.

Portrait Photography on Location

portrait photography on location

The photographer sets up a mobile photography studio at your place to have your pictures taken at domestic surroundings.

Family & Children Photography

family and children photography

Children photography in a mobile photography studio that can be set up at your place. The photoshooting is carried out in a friendly atmosphere in common surroundings, which is extremely important to small children as they need to feel comfortable during the photo session.

Mobile Photography Studio Portraits

mobile photography studio

A simplified version of on location studio photography with light studio equipment for various low-budget purposes. More on the subject: Studio Corporate Photography on Location

Studio Portrait Photography

A classic studio portrait and portfolio photography on a single-colour backdrop for model agencies, theatre and movie applications. Art portrait creation and heavy digital postwork is also possible.

Portrait & Portfolio Photography

As portrait photography is very individual, we offer you several types of portfolios for you as a reference.

Studio or outdoor photo session. Photographer makes outdoor photo shooting in Moscow or in Moscow Region. Photographing the model and light digital post work included. Love Story in Moscow.

Photography studio photo shooting. Photo shooting in photography studio. Photographer spends several hours photo shooting the model. The portfolio is burnt onto a CD or a DVD. Light digital post work and skin retouching included. Deep skin retouching, complicated digital post work extra charge.

Complete model's portfolio in photography studio. Photographer spends with the model the whole day. Light digital post work included. Skin retouching not included. Several hundreds pictures are usually made, from which best photos are chosen. The result is a complete portfolio written onto a CD or a DVD.

Portrait (art-portrait, fantasy-portrait). Photographer makes deep skin retouching, complicated digital post work (removing skin defects, scratches, eyes enlargement, figure correction collages etc.) Making such portraits (including art-portrait, fantasy-portrait, glamour etc.) takes as much as compared to the whole portfolio. Visagiste's and/or hairdresser's assistance extra charge.