Event Photography

An English-speaking photographer can help you arrange photo shooting in Moscow and Moscow region or take photos according to your demands and forward you the results. This is ideal for both foreign companies that organize events in Moscow for their visitors and for events where interaction between the photographer and the model is crucial (e.g., model photography).

Formal Corporate Events

formal corporate events photography

Formal and official corporate events photography at presentations, conferences, exhibitions, promos, grand openings etc.

Informal Corporate Events & Parties

informal corporate events and parties photography

Informal corporate events photography: parties, new year events etc.

Wedding Photography

wedding photography

Wedding photography by one or two photographers. Photo editing, photo book design and production, slide-show creation.

Family Festive Occasions

family festive occasions photography

Reportage photography of birthdays, jubilees, graduations and other family and personal festive occasions.

Parties for Children

Parties for Children

Photographing of children parties: birthdays, matinees, school performances etc. More on the subject: Studio Children Photography

Event Photography Info

Photographers can work on location solely or with assistants and other photographers. For best results at important and massive events we recommend ordering several photographers for optimal event coverage.