Mobile Photography Studio: Photoshooting & Photo Printing at Events

Mobile photography studio makes it possible to take photos and print them at any event in Moscow or Moscow region almost instantly. Digital postwork and stylization can be applied to pictures, images can be retouched, logos, congratulations and other graphical elements can be addited. Your guests will receive a high-quality printed photo in several minutes.

Photoshooting & Printing at Festive Occasions

festive occasions photoshooting and printing

On-location photoshooting at parties can be carried out as a mobile studio or by a reportage photographer.

Photoshooting & Printing at Promo Events

promo events - mobile photography studio

A banner or a brand-wall can be used as a background during the photoshooting by itself or along with the digitally added graphical elements.

Photoshooting & Printing at Corporate Parties

corporate parties - mobile photography studio

A mobile photography studio always draws much attention, and the photos the guests get are kept for a long time as a memory of the event and the company which organized it.

Retouching, Post-Production & Photo Printing

The photos at parties can be printed at up to A4 size, which opens a path to designer's imagination. For instance, a studio photo can be retouched and stylized to imitate a magazine cover.

Mobile Photography Studio Info

Depending on the scale of the event, more than one mobile photography studio and printing spot can be set up.