Business Photography

In this section, you can find sample works for the types of photographic services that are most demanded by business clients.
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Reportage from Corporate Event or Exhibition

photographer in Moscow
photographer for corporate event
photography at expo in Moscow

Moscow, being both the largest city in Russia and the financial center of the whole country, hosts a significant number of international events throughout the year. Various exhibitions, expos, fairs, and conferences attract representatives of large corporations as well as smaller businesses from around the world; however, sending a photographer from abroad to properly document an event might not always be the most efficient solution. To eliminate your travel and accommodation costs, LEOPART Photography can organize any photoshoot according to your guidelines and forward you the results. We offer flexible rates based on your needs and the scale of the event, and our photographic and design services can range from a basic reportage to a fully equipped mobile photography studio used to instantly print individualized branded photographic memorabilia for your guests.

Portrait for Magazine or Website in Mobile Studio at Your Location

photographer in Moscow
staff at workplace
photo for website

When time is your most valuable resource, booking a photography studio for a later date and threading through the heavy traffic of Moscow may not be the most optimal choice. We offer you a convenient alternative: a mobile studio with professional photographic equipment that can be promptly set up at your apartment or office—when you need, how you need it! A set of neutral backdrops can be used for formal website and ID photographs, while photos taken in the interior of your apartment or at your workplace are better for illustrating articles in magazines and newspapers.

Photography for Corporate Promotion

corporate materials photography
industrial photography

In Russia, there is a saying that goes "you are judged by your clothes at first but by your mind later on"; it makes a point about the importance of one's actual skills, yet acknowledges that the first impression matters. Today, in the era of Internet and high-quality printing, looks are what often defines your company for a potential client, and we can aid you in creating photographic materials for all your advertising and promotional needs. We can choose the most effective scenes according to our experience or, if you are a local branch of an international company, we can provide specific photographs outlined in your corporate guidelines.