Architecture & Interiors Photography

The shooting of interiors is very complicated as it often requires setting up powerful lighting in a limited space, while architectural photography is extremely weather-dependant.

On your demand the pictures can be modified in specialized software, one photo can be combined from several, or a panoramic view picture can be created.

Office & Shopping Centres Exteriors

office and shopping centres photography exterior

Architectural photography of office and shopping centres.

Office & Shopping Centres Interiors

office and shopping centres photography interiors
Фотосъемка помещений

Interior photography of office and shopping centres.

Dwellings & Cottages

dwellings and cottages photography

Dwellings photography for advertisements. Usage of lighting equipment by perforce.

Restaurants & Hotels

restaurants and hotels photography

Architectural and interior photography of restaurants and hotels for advertising purposes.

Clubs & Bars

clubs and bars photography

Commercial photography of bars' and clubs' interiors.

Villas & Mansions

villas and mansions photography

Architectural and interior photoshooting of cottages, villas and mansions.

Architecture & Interiors Photography Info

For interior photography we usually use wide-angle lenses and set up two or three 1000-joule digitally operated impulse lightings covered by soft boxes.

When taking photos of buildings, natural lighting is the main problem. The famous broken weather of Moscow offers a choice between the deadline and the quality. Half a year it's almost impossible to see sun and to frame blue sky at the background. Besides, if we leave to shoot when it's sunny, after staying a couple of hours in Moscow traffic jams we may come when it rains, snows, or the only color one can see is grey. Therefore, it’s strongly recommended to order the shooting of buildings or sights in Moscow long before you might need the images. The easiest way is to take photos late in evening or at night the whole year round. The sights are magnificent and the clouded sky is illuminated by the lights of the big city.