Advertising Photography

Advertising photography is more complex and time-consuming than object photography as it aims to highlight the selling points of your product. For object photography for catalogues and web-sites, see this page: Goods Photography

Household Appliances & Other Large Objects

household appliances advertising photography
large objects advertising photography

Advertising photography of household appliances and other large-scale objects can be carried out at the location of the items with all the necessary photographic equipment, as it eliminates costs and difficulties of transportation to the studio and risks of damage.

Cosmetics Photography

cosmetics photography
perfume photography

Advertising and object photography of cosmetics, parfumes, pharmaceuticals and other small-size items in retail packaging (plastic, glass, cardboard). Complex compositions with the items being photographed can be created, while sole object photos on white backdrop can be taken for futher background removal and replacement.

Food Photography

pastry photography
food photography for menus

Advertising photography of food and dishes for catalogues and menus, as well as convenience foods, pastry and groceries.

Car Photography (Personal Transport)

studio car photography
vip-auto photos

Advertising photography of personal transport for automobile sales centres, trade companies or individuals. Photographing inside the sales centres, outdoors in the city or at nature sceneries.

Car Photography (Corporate Transport)

corporate car photography

Advertising photography of commercial transport and corporate cars for cargo companies and forwarding agents. Stage or in-process photographing.

Virtu Photography

Фотосъемка предметов искусства
Фотосъемка картин

Photographing of paintings, vases, statues and other objects of virtu.

Advertising Photography

The headache of most customers is the contradiction between creativity and business. We solved it in our company. We can CREATE following the main business aim of advertising campaign. We are a team serried by the years of successful business. That’s why we know the demands of customers so good. We don't have the problems creative personnel are famous for: lack of organization, original hard drinking, caprices, missing deadlines… We have a lot of creativity and professionalism instead. Our studio is financially independent, so we can be very flexible.

In cooperation with our partners, we can carry out a project through the total cycle of advertising campaign:

  • creation of an advertising campaign idea by photographers and copyrighters
  • location or studio photography management
  • item selection for photographing
  • photo shooting in photography studio in Moscow or on location (including photographing for catalogues)
  • digital post work

The result of our work is a printer-friendly file.